Migrate existing or develop cloud native applications with us. Take advantage of latest technology AWS and Google have to offer. Optimize costs and enhance your offering


Optimize and support joint work of development and operations. We will make sure that you have processes, knowledge and tool-set for successful application management


24/7 Support

Around the clock operations of you digital infrastructure. Constant monitoring and optimisation for peak performance. Security updates and guaranteed response on incidents.

Production ready Kubernetes clusters

Not a technology, solution. We offer best of breed, pre engineered, fully managed clusters, deployed in supported environment (AWS, GCP, PB, DO and more) of your choice. Our engineers will deploy and operated Kubernetes clusters with common stacks (Elasticsearch, Apache Flink, GoCD and many more). Based on award winning technology from Heili and Rancher.

Technology we support


Forthscale is a cloud native company. For more than a decade, we combine the latest technology with our business expertise to deliver business value to our customers. Our team constantly maintains updated expertise in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and others


Increase your infrastructure productivity with cloud automation. Define it as an infrastructure as a code with Ansible and Terraform. Benefit from Ci / CD with pipelines based on Jenkins, Circle CI, AWS Code Pipeline and other solutions. Support centralized Configuration Management with Puppet and Salt. Add our award winning Heili monitoring and analytics platform to get valuable insights about you software development process performance.


Public or private, managed or self operated, we have best of breed practices for container orchestration. Most of the internal systems we run are migrated to Docker + Kubernetes platform over the last 4 years. Our expertise in container environments is strengthened by our partnerships with Docker and Rancher.

What we are

Born in Israel, Forthscale has startup culture embedded in our DNA. Our specialty is Internet companies, to whom we provide Site Reliability Engineering from the ground up. We build a solid foundation in infrastructure design and system integration, after which we continually support the enterprise’s operations.

With a long and rich history of engaging highly-innovative startups, we possess unique experience to interact with and assist software development companies of any size. As a startup ourselves, and employee experience in various entrepreneurial ventures, our values are the same as your values, and we understand your fundamental needs.